Our Mission

St. John Interparochial School provides a disciplined, nurturing environment guided by Catholic values, where students grow through rigorous academic experiences, faith and moral formation, and opportunities for service and leadership.

Vision Statement

Catholic education has a dual purpose: to recognize the dignity of each student as an individual with unique gifts, and to develop each student into a whole person, one who is more than just a set of skills and talents. At St. John, we use the gospel values of Jesus as our foundation and guide toward fulfilling this purpose. We strive to create a Christian environment where students can learn, grow, and worship in a community of faith and service. We are committed to providing a curriculum of instruction that not only satisfies the needs of student during their school years, but also provides a structure for life-long learning and development in our complex, rapidly-changing world.

Values and Beliefs

  • All students can learn - learning must be our chief priority.
  • Service allows us to live our faith - students must have opportunities to serve one another and their community.
  • We share responsibility for the success of our students - teachers, administrators, parents, and the church community must work together to accomplish our mission.
  • We must continue to improve - for our school to enable students to be competent, self-directed, life-long learners, we must also take opportunities to grow and achieve more.
  • Mass is the center of the Catholic faith - attending Mass is essential to the faith life of our students.
  • Jesus is the ultimate example of teaching and faith - understanding Jesus’ teachings will deepen our students’ relationships with God.
  • We must respect each other and preserve the dignity of all people – as a community; we must help develop our students’ respect for others by being models of respectful behavior.
  • Knowledge and learning are active – students need to demonstrate dynamic thinking and problem solving abilities and produce quality work in addition to the practice of essential facts and skills.
  • Students learn in different ways – curriculum and instruction should reflect a variety of activities and methods to better reach all students.

Why St. John School?

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