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St. John Interparochial School provides a disciplined, nurturing environment guided by Catholic values, where students grow through rigorous academic experiences, faith and moral formation, and opportunities for service and leadership.

Vision Statement

Catholic education has a dual purpose: to recognize the dignity of each student as an individual with unique gifts, and to develop each student into a whole person, one who is more than just a set of skills and talents. At St. John, we use the gospel values of Jesus as our foundation and guide toward fulfilling this purpose. We strive to create a Christian environment where students can learn, grow, and worship in a community of faith and service. We are committed to providing a curriculum of instruction that not only satisfies the needs of student during their school years, but also provides a structure for life-long learning and development in our complex, rapidly-changing world.

Values and Beliefs

  • All students can learn - learning must be our chief priority.
  • Service allows us to live our faith - students must have opportunities to serve one another and their community.
  • We share responsibility for the success of our students - teachers, administrators, parents, and the church community must work together to accomplish our mission.
  • We must continue to improve - for our school to enable students to be competent, self-directed, life-long learners, we must also take opportunities to grow and achieve more.
  • Mass is the center of the Catholic faith - attending Mass is essential to the faith life of our students.
  • Jesus is the ultimate example of teaching and faith - understanding Jesus’ teachings will deepen our students’ relationships with God.
  • We must respect each other and preserve the dignity of all people – as a community; we must help develop our students’ respect for others by being models of respectful behavior.
  • Knowledge and learning are active – students need to demonstrate dynamic thinking and problem solving abilities and produce quality work in addition to the practice of essential facts and skills.
  • Students learn in different ways – curriculum and instruction should reflect a variety of activities and methods to better reach all students.


St. John School provides a rigorous PreK through 12 education.  High school seniors are prepared for college and are TOPS eligible.  Honors, AP, and dual enrollment credits are available.


Since 1853, St. John School has educated students, formed them in faith, trained them to give back to the community, and prepared them with skills for the future.  Small class sizes and high alumni involvement mean that every student receives personalized support.


St. John strongly believes in a wholistic approach to education: every child needs not just academic but also social, physical and religious development.  St. John School's classrooms, gym, and on-site chapel provide for our students from age 3 to their high school graduation.  As our students grow and mature, they are supported by a close-knit family.  High school seniors take one last walk through the buildings on their last day, and many of them are lucky enough to visit with the teachers who welcomed them to their very first day of school. 

Faith Formation and Service

At St. John, students are strengthened in faith from the beginning.  Religion classes are supplemented by our service prgram and retreats.  The entire campus gathers together in the campus chapel for regular Masses, and students annually organize service projects such as collecting canend goods for food drives, cleaning up a cemetery, and visiting nursing homes.

More than a 4.0

In addition to rigorous classes, AP classes, and dual enrollment credits, St. John gives students opportunites to enrich their experience and celebrate their accomplishments with the community.  These include:

  • Career Lunches with professionals in fields of students' interests
  • Honors Societies, including Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honors Society
  • Homecoming events and dress-up days
  • Student Council
  • Musical performances
  • Maypole
  • Ring Ceremony

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