Catholic Identity Program Effectiveness Survey

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Thank you for your continued support of St. John School! As you know, we are celebrating 165 years this year, and we could not have done it without the support of so many of you. Today, we are reaching out for your help again as we continue to grow.

In 2015, St. John School convened a strategic planning committee and developed a plan that has become the blueprint to communicate our story and guide leadership decisions. This year, our Advisory Board has taken on the responsiblity of updating and adjusting the plan to guide us through the next three years. In addition, our school participates in the Diocese of Baton Rouge accreditation process, which requires us to focus on continuous improvement and host an external review team every five years. Our status as an accredited school through AdvancED District Accreditation provides national recognition of quality and shows that we are committed to our mission.

Your input is important to St. John in both of these initiatives. We are asking for your feedback through the Catholic Identity Program Effectiveness Survey, a tool developed as part of the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools protocol for accreditation. By taking the survey, you are providing the data we need to identify new ways to grow and advance as a learning organization and a ministry of our Church.

A link to the Catholic Identity Program Effectiveness Survey is below. Please complete it no later than February 28. It should only take around five minutes and is anonymous; St. John School will receive a report of aggregated data from AdvancED, not individual responses. 

Thank you again for your support of St. John School!
Cherie Schlatre