Family Service Program Updates for 2019-2020

The purpose of the Family Service Program is to develop a sense of pride and ownership in the school for all students and families. The donation of our families’ time and talents in this program provides an excellent example of service to our students, and supports the overall operation of the school by making various projects, functions, and activities possible. 

Updates for the 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Families are now required to earn 20 hours of service during the school year, rather than 25. 

  • Service hours will now be submitted online through the Family Service Program Service Hours Submission Form located on Submitted hours will be verified; families will be notified if their hours can’t be verified as submitted.  

  • Service hours may be completed by a family member or donated to a family by someone else; St. John faculty/staff may not donate service hours. Service hours may not be transferred after they have been submitted. 

General reminders:

  • Service hours worked from May 1 - April 30 may be submitted for the current school year; service hours do not roll over. 

  • Service hours are generally NOT granted for donated/purchased items. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by administration before the donation is made. 

  • Service hours may not be sold.

  • Families who do not work the minimum required hours by May 1st must pay a $500 service fee.    

Please refer to pages 61-62 of the Parent/Student Handbook for the full policy regarding the Family Service Program. If you have questions about the balance of your service hours, or if something will qualify for service hours, please contact Beryl Raffray at

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