Need help accessing your parent Portal to check grades? Check the quick-start guide below! Video tutorial coming soon!


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Using PlusPortals

PlusPortals is the online grade-reporting system used by St. John School. 


Be sure your parent Portal is open! You should have received a welcome email at your primary email address for school communications that contained a link to set your password and open your Portal. This email sometimes goes to spam, so check there if it didn’t come to your inbox! If you have not received the email to open your Portal, please contact


PlusPortals can be accessed two ways:



The User Name is your primary email address on file with the school, and your password is set by you when your Portal is open. Your password is NOT viewable by school personnel, so please be sure to make note of it!


Checking Grades:


After logging in, you will be taken to your Portal home:




On this screen, you’ll see the Progress Box, which offers an overview of your student’s current average in each subject. If you have more than one student, scroll down for additional progress boxes. 


The Progress Box has four icons under the student’s name to help you navigate messages in your Portal, and a red notification bubble will appear on top of each icon if/when you have a message to check. The triangle with the exclamation mark indicates an emergency message from the school; the chat bubbles indicate emails or other messages from teachers; the bell indicates a school announcement; and the calendar page indicates upcoming events on the school and/or class calendars. Clicking the icon when the red notification bubble is showing will bring you directly to the messages. 


Clicking the blue “More” button in the top right corner of the Progress Box will bring you to a screen with additional details about grades:



On this screen in the Recent Scores box, the most recent grades in all subjects will be displayed; approximately 12 grades appear in this box at once. 


To view all of the grades in a specific class, click the title of the class in the Progress Box on the home screen or on this screen, or go to the “Classroom” tab and choose the class out of the drop down menu. 



Under the “Performance” tab on this screen, you’ll be able to view all grades entered in the grade book for the specific subject, and see a report card view of averages for the year. 


Contacting Teachers:


There are two ways to email teachers using the Portal. On the home screen, simply click the teacher’s name next to the envelope in the Progress Box:


Alternatively, you can click “E-Mail & Messages” in the blue title bar on the home screen, and go to the email window, where you will see your inbox. Click the “New E-Mail” button for a blank email message:



If you do not know the email address of the faculty or staff member you are trying to contact, click the “Add Recipients” button to access the email directory and add a recipient. Then, type a subject in the Subject line, enter you message in the message box, and click “Send.” Files can be attached using the button next to “Attachments.” 

Using PlusPortals