The purpose of the St. John Interparochial School Family Service program is to develop a sense of pride and ownership in the school for all students and families. The donation of our families’ time and talents in this program provides an excellent example of service to our students. This program also helps the school to complete needed maintenance projects and provides the support needed for many school functions and activities.

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General Guidelines

1. Each family in the St. John School community is required to perform twenty (20) hours of service to the school during each school year. Additionally, parents of athletes in grades 6-12 are required to work 5 sessions of bingo for the St. John Fathers Club. Information on this  program is found in the Athletics section of this handbook.

2. All service shall be performed May 1 – April 30 and will be credited to the current school year.

3. If a family fails to meet this requirement by May 1st, a $500.00 fee will be collected.

4. Service hours may be earned by working for any school-related activity. This refers to all activities that directly benefit St. John School. Church activities may not be eligible for service hours.

5. Family Service hours may not be sold.

6. Family Service hours can be completed by a family member or non-family member. The family for whom the service work is being completed must be specified at the time of service.

7. Family Service hours may not be transferred after they have been submitted.

8. Family Service hours will not be given for small items donated to classroom teachers such as paper towels, candy, snacks, art supplies, etc.

9. Family Service hours should be submitted through the online form on the school website. Submissions should include the name of the school representative or chairperson who can verify the hours and a phone number and/or email to contact that person if necessary.

10. Hours earned over 20 will not be carried over to the next school year.

11. Service hours granted for donated or purchased items will be at the discretion of the Administration and should be pre-approved before the donation/purchase. Items donated to the school, unless they are of a large monetary value, will not qualify for service hours.

12. If there is a question about whether or not a certain activity will be eligible for service hours, please call the school office to verify beforehand.

13. The administration has the authority to interpret details within the program and should be called whenever clarifications are needed.

14. If you have a special talent for service that is beneficial to the school, please communicate with the school administration to determine if you may be eligible to obtain service hours for your service.

15. The Family Service Opportunities tables below indicate specific opportunities that occur in each school year. Other opportunities for service hours will exist during the school year. These are often communicated in the Monday Memo.

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Service Hour Opportunities

Full Service Hours Opportunities

  • Volunteer Head Coach
  • Auction Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Building and Maintenance Committee
  • Advisory Board
  • Alumni Association Officer
  • Fathers Club Officer
  • Home & School Association Officer



Volunteering for each of the following is credited on an hour-per-hour basis.

Activity Verification
Substitute Teacher Administration
Candy Stand Worker Administration
Office Clerical Work Administration
Cafeteria Worker Administration
Library Worker Administration
Concession Worker Concession Chairperson
St. John Auction Worker Chairperson
Penny Party Worker Chairperson
School Dance Chaperone Chairperson
Book Fair Chairperson
Landscape Work Administration
School Maintenance Work Administration
Fathers Club Funcation Chairperson
Fathers Club Bingo Team Captain
Alumni Association Function Chairperson
Home and School Association Function Chairperson
Athletic Fundraiser Chairperson


By Donation

Activity Service Hours Credited Verification
Chili for Concessions 3 service hours per gallon donated Concession Chairperson
Home cooked/baked items (no store bought items) 1 hour of service Teacher or Project Chairperson
Football Game Jambalaya 25 service hours will be given for 50 quarts (12.5 gallons) Concession Chairperson


Submissions for service hours will be reviewed monthly. Service hours that can not be verified during review will not be credited toward a family's total hours and the family will be notified. 

  • Join a Fathers' Club Bingo Team
  • Make chili for football games or work concessions
  • Help with a campus project
  • Join the Home and School
  • Coach a middle school team

Contact Us

Elementary/Middle School Office
(225) 687-6616

High School Office
(225) 687-3056